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PSM Member Chimanlal Patel has published his first book, “PETALS IN THE WIND.” It is 305 pages and contains 300 poems! It can be ordered through Amazon. Congratulations, Chimanlal!


Adulthood After Life-Threatening Childhood Illness
Adulthood: n. The time of life when one is expected to take responsibility for one’s own actions and well-being.

We’re interested in hearing how adults who were not expected to survive to adulthood because of life-threatening or life-limiting childhood illness have responded to beating the odds they were given. What does it mean to achieve adulthood if you never dared hope for it? Does it feel in some ways as if the rug has been pulled out from under you? A burden as much as an amazing gift? Does it ever feel commonplace?
How has your survival and the experience of its uncertainty shaped your ideas of the future, of personal accomplishments, of personal and social responsibility, of the value of life itself? How do both these experiences affect the value you place on common markers of maturity—love, marriage, work, physical independence, economic self-sufficiency?
Does your understanding of adulthood differ significantly from that of your peers who have never had similar experiences? What have they missed that you haven’t? What has the experience of serious illness provided you in terms of resilience, courage, insight, appreciation, defiance, dignity, self-sufficiency, faith?
We invite contributions most particularly from people (of all ages) who did not expect to live to adulthood. We also welcome contributions from those around them, family, physicians, nurses, caregivers, teachers, counselors, and friends, whose own understandings of how adulthood is defined and valued may have been changed as well.
Deadline: July 15, 2017
We make final editorial submissions on all submitted manuscripts only after the submission deadline.
Electronic submissions only, either Word or RTF.
Prose ≤5,000 words. Poetry ≤5 poems.
Payment in copies
Submit manuscripts electronically:
We consider dual submissions and previously published work only if informed of this at time of submission.
Previously published work must be accompanied with a list of where and when it has been previously published.