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PSM Member Chimanlal Patel has published his first book, “PETALS IN THE WIND.” It is 305 pages and contains 300 poems! It can be ordered through Amazon. Congratulations, Chimanlal!


Adulthood After Life-Threatening Childhood Illness
Adulthood: n. The time of life when one is expected to take responsibility for one’s own actions and well-being.

We’re interested in hearing how adults who were not expected to survive to adulthood because of life-threatening or life-limiting childhood illness have responded to beating the odds they were given. What does it mean to achieve adulthood if you never dared hope for it? Does it feel in some ways as if the rug has been pulled out from under you? A burden as much as an amazing gift? Does it ever feel commonplace?
How has your survival and the experience of its uncertainty shaped your ideas of the future, of personal accomplishments, of personal and social responsibility, of the value of life itself? How do both these experiences affect the value you place on common markers of maturity—love, marriage, work, physical independence, economic self-sufficiency?
Does your understanding of adulthood differ significantly from that of your peers who have never had similar experiences? What have they missed that you haven’t? What has the experience of serious illness provided you in terms of resilience, courage, insight, appreciation, defiance, dignity, self-sufficiency, faith?
We invite contributions most particularly from people (of all ages) who did not expect to live to adulthood. We also welcome contributions from those around them, family, physicians, nurses, caregivers, teachers, counselors, and friends, whose own understandings of how adulthood is defined and valued may have been changed as well.
Deadline: July 15, 2017
We make final editorial submissions on all submitted manuscripts only after the submission deadline.
Electronic submissions only, either Word or RTF.
Prose ≤5,000 words. Poetry ≤5 poems.
Payment in copies
Submit manuscripts electronically:
We consider dual submissions and previously published work only if informed of this at time of submission.
Previously published work must be accompanied with a list of where and when it has been previously published.

Congratulations to Denise Sedman. Her poem “This Really Happened” – Erasure from first Trump press conference on January 11, 2017  is now live at Gravel Literary Journal


A Letter from Jack Ridl
Dear Poets–

Say it’s not so!! My time is up!

Being your Honorary Chancellor has lifted my spirits time and time and time again. I can only hope that I carried your confidence as you would have hoped.

To be honored by you who love poetry for the right reasons will sustain me always. Your inviting me to hold this honor has been an affirmation of what I believe about poetry and of what I have tried always to do in its behalf. I am and will ever be joyfully grateful to you.

I admit to feeling very wistful about having to leave. The honor has been something I have, without a twitch of self-consciousness, announced with a feeling of great pride.

My hope is that poetry will continue to bring to each of you that which will nourish, heal, strengthen, and always lift your great good souls.

Congratulations to Phillip Sterling! His new collection of poetry – And Then Snow is now available at Main Street Rag!



PSM member, Russ Thorburn is available as a manuscript consultant for poets. Reasonable fees to arrange orphan poems into a publishable sequence, turnaround time three weeks. Former clients include Pamela Porter, Ulrike Narwani, and Barb Pelman, who recently received contracts from Ronsdale Press, British Columbia. Contact Russell Thorburn, NEA Fellow, poet laureate of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, at Learn more about Russ at his website


Workshops and Classes are available from Zilka Joseph. Learn more here ==>


Jack Ridl Posts

Jack Ridl will be posting a new poem each Thursday for the next four years. –

Blue Sky Over Key West

After Hearing the Professor Say She’s Just an Average Student

After Another Massacre

Speaking of Alternative Facts

Keeping On

Let Comfort Come


Practicing Chinese Ink Drawing

The Materialism of Angels

Here is his Thanksgiving poem – When a Quiet Comes

Jack Ridl’s plan for the next four years ==> In Time

A Message from Jack Ridl, Click Here ==> Being With, Now

From Jack Ridl, Honorary Chancellor:

Dear Fellow Poets,

Water Music is a gift not only to each and all of us but to all who happen
to wander within it. I’ve always joyfully told others that the poets in the
PSM are an uncommon lot, each with an authentic voice and vision, each
unencumbered by trends, critics, and narrow definitions and dictates of what a
poem should be and what poetry is. Open our anthology to any page and
we meet what matters. Open many a literary magazine and discover much
that doesn’t. Once again, I am humbled, honored, joy-filled to be
your Honorary Chancellor. I don’t know and never will know why you smiled
my way with this designation. I would argue that we are each a chancellor
of the numinous.
May the ineffable reality of poetry continue to walk with each of you.
With joy and gratitude,


Congratulations to Ginny Grush on the publication of her poetry book, ABSINTHE


Congratulations to Jennifer Clark Winner of the Traveling Trophy at the Fall Meeting for her poem “Oberon “.

October is National Disabilities Awareness Month. Go to the Outreach Project page to read the piece CavanKerry Press will be publishing by our Honorary Chancellor Jack Ridl.

PSM POETRY CONTEST 2016 results are now available on the Contest page Thank you to all 2016 Contestants!  Congratulations to all the 2016 Contest winners!

PSM Anthology Near Ready “After much anticipation and some delay, what PSM tradition names the “5-year anthology” is nearing readiness for publication. ” – Edward  Morin See Details on the  Publications Page


PSM 5 Year Anthology



Congratulations to Marquette Poet Circle member Kathleen M. Heideman. Her work was named a quarter-finalist for the 2016 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize, semi-finalist for the 2016 Diagram Chapbook Contest, and runner-up for the 2016 Dead Bison Editors’ Prize. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Arcadia, Burningword, Emerge Literary Journal, untethered, and anthologies from Caffeinated Press, Silver Birch Press, and Michigan State University Press.

Brief Perversions is a collection of flash fiction and prose poetry by Marquette Poets Circle member Jesse Koenig. The title of the collection reflects the brevity of the individual pieces and the various twists they often take. On a broader level, the title also reflects the collection’s theme of life as a brief perversion, as a short and twisted journey. Many of the pieces engage with pop culture in various ways—alluding to and quoting celebrities, songs, poems, novels, textbooks, commercial products, cereal boxes, etc. In addition, many pieces call into question aspects of western culture (our treatment of the elderly, the emphasis on physical attractiveness, the reality vs. the fairy-tale of love, male-dominated politics, and much more), hopefully without moralizing. That is, the collection, ideally, is a philosophical conversation about what society values and what many of us consider normal.

Brief Perversions is available from Burdock Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. All proceeds from the first 500 copies will be donated to Doctors without Borders. Like Brief Perversions on Facebook ( for online orders, fun sound bites, upcoming events, excerpts, booking a reading, giveaways, and other promotions.


Congratulations Marion Frahm Tincknell of Saginaw Township on her book: Sunstars in the Meltswamp.


Springfed Arts 2016 Writing Contest Finalists
Poetry Finalists 2016
1st place    Swings by Susan Knoppow
2nd place    Ornament by Caroline Maun
3rd place    A Subtle Passing by Mary Stebbins Tait
Honorable Mention     Spiderweb by Patricia Barnes
Honorable Mention     A Taxonomy of Every Little Thing by Jeffrey Hermann
Poetry judged by Matthew Olzmann
Prose Finalists 2016
1st place    The Trouble with Betty by Bobbie Crawford
2nd place    The Curtain by Paul Bancel
3rd place    The Prisoner by Nadia Ibrashi
Honorable Mention     Factory Outlet by Phillip Sterling
Honorable Mention     Coed (an excerpt from a memoir) by Mary Minock
Prose judged by Eric Jerome Dickey
There were 51 total contest entrants (34 poets and 17 prose writers).
Winners will read their winning entries, Tuesday, August 30, 7pm, Birmingham Unitarian Church, 38651 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 (just north of Lone Pine Road).  Wine, coffee, tea and cookie kiosk.  Free and open to the public.

From Inge Logenburg Kyler: 

If you are interested in submitting one or two copies of your published books to the State of Michigan Library (one copy for archives, one copy for circulation) , the address is: State of Michigan Library, 702 W. Kalamazoo, Michigan 48915.


Manningham Award to Devin Bradbury

I am very pleased to announce that one of our Manningham students placed very high in the senior division. Devin Bradbury’s poem, Small Friendly Town, was awarded second place in the prestigious national level contest. For those unfamiliar with this contest, it is a national student competition drawing entries from around the country. To be awarded any prize in this event is a significant achievement. To place second is extraordinary. In addition to his exciting result, Devin has won $50.00 in prize money, a formal certificate of achievement from the National Federation of State Poetry Societies and his
poem will be published in the Manningham anthology. Also, a copy of the anthology will be provided to Devin’s school, Allegan High School for their library as soon as it is available. Congratulations to Devin, his teacher, Nancy Hascall and to Allegan High School.
Mono D’Angelo
PSM Maningham Chairman

PSM Manningham Participation Award

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PSM Participation Award

Congratulations to PSM member Zilka Joseph. Her poetry collection Sharp Blue Search of Flame has been published by Wayne State University Press. Sharp Blue Search of Flame

Three Ponds Farm Writing Retreat with Betty Stolarek and Phillip Sterling June 10-11. Details here Three Ponds Farm
News from our partners at CavanKerry Press: Imagine what we can do in 2016

PSM Partners with CavanKerry Press

At the PSM Fall Meeting, Jack Ridl, the Honorary Chancellor of PSM, invited the members of PSM to bring poetry to a person who is a shut-in or disabled. Mr. Ridl is on the CavanKerry Press ADA Advisory Board. He has blogged at their website about how poetry can be a tool for healing  PSM has been asked to volunteer, to share our art in order to improve the lives of the  Be inspired by Jack’s experiences detailed in his most recent article ( Learn more ==> Outreach Project

Congratulations to PSM members

Congratulations to Terry Wooten! His collected works, The Stone Circle Poems, was chosen as a Michigan Notable Book!. The book covers 45 years of his wonderful poetry career. HOORAY! The full list of MI notable books is at

Congratulations to Ron Weber. Award winning poet Ron Weber participated in the recent formal opening of the Dorothea Lange exhibit at the nationally recognized Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph, Michigan. Lange was one of the most renowned photo journalists of the Great Depression. Many of her pictures remain familiar to this day. Weber performed his poem Migrant Mother: Legacy in Time-Lapse, which was inspired by one of Lange’s most iconic photos and for which he received the Special Merit Award in Poetry from the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.

Congratulations to Raymond Arnold Wills. His latest book, Romance in the Everglades,  is now available at Xpress Publications  Xpress Publications – Romance in the Everglades

Congratulations to Chimanlal Patel  His first book of poetry Petals in the Wind  is now available as an E-book or in hardback or softback from Amazon and directly by calling 1-888-795-4274  Ext. 5022

Congratulations to Inge Logenburg Kyler on her new book :

Stories for Lilah, dedicated to my newest great-granddaughter and to all persons young at heart.  It contains 27 stories and 27 poems that I had written over the years and decided to put them in book format before the family tosses them when I am gone!!  Story content includes:  Donald the Ornery Goose, three Millie the Cow stories, Bennie Bear, and various mouse stories, some of which contain messages such as “Don’t feed the bears,” etc.   It has been a labor of love.  I think that makes my 27th book!  It is available on Google, Amazon, ebook, etc. as well as book stores that can order it.   – Inge Logenburg Kyler

News about member Terry Wooten:

The collected works of Terry Wooten, The Stone Circle Poems, published by Parkhurst Brothers Publishers will be out this spring, with print copies available on March 6, 2015 and ebooks live on and by March 31. The book covers more than four and a half decades of Wooten’s career as a poet from 1971 through his best poems of the Elders Project. This Elders Project connects middle and high school students with elders of their community. Students interview the elders then transcribe their favorite part of the tape and write free verse poems using the elders own words. Wooten transcribes the rest of the tapes and writes around the students’ works. The Elders Project received the 2013 State History Award in Education from the Historical Society of Michigan. Mark your calendars for the book tour: book launch at the Traverse City Public Library on March 11 at 7 pm, and another at Horizon Books in downtown Traverse City on March 14 from 4 to 6 pm. I will also be at the Harrison Community Library on April 20 at 3:30 to 6 pm, The Norton Shores Branch Library in Muskegon on April 28 at 7 pm, and the Marion Public Library (my hometown) on the evening on April 30.