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Five Year Anthology


PSM 5 Year Anthology

PSM Anthology Near Ready
– Edward  Morin

       After much anticipation and some delay, what PSM tradition names the “5-year anthology” is nearing readiness for publication. I know of and have seen only 5 previous editions of the anthology, published in 1959, 1980, 1995, 2002, and 2010. The last edition, edited by Julie George, was printed in 2011. Our goal has always been to publish the best work by anyone who has been a member of PSM during the previous 5 years. Unpublished and previously published poems are eligible.

The forthcoming edition, titled Water Music: The Great Lakes State Poetry Anthology, will include a section of biographical notes on each of approximately 100 contributing poets and also a section listing places of previous publication for many of the poems. Nearly all the poets live in Michigan now or did at one time. A few are from elsewhere, including Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The picture on the book cover is by Monte Nagler, who is well known in Michigan and around the world for his scenic photography. He titled this picture “Five Birds, Grand Haven, Michigan ’14.” The book comes to about 200 pages in 6” x 9” quality softcover format, standard book dimensions larger than those of Peninsula Poets.

Because PSM members’ dues don’t cover the cost of anthology, the Society charges $16 per copy plus $3 postage and handling. By making purchases prior to publication, PSM members help ensure a print run large enough to meet the demand of all interested readers. So far, there have been prepaid orders for 115 copies.

         Please fill out the order form and send it to:

Poetry Society of Michigan
PO Box 1035
Cadillac, MI 49601

Order Form : WATER MUSIC: The Great Lakes State Poetry Anthology

Local Group Anthology From time to time a local group may decide to produce and publish their own anthology, providing even more opportunities for members to get their work placed in the eye of the public.

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